1/17/2016 154 New Listings Along Alabama's Gulf Coast - Wait, What?!      

I have always heard that January and February are the "slow months". If this past week was any indication, I have always heard wrong.  The last seven days, 1/5/16 - 1/12/16, saw 154 new home and condo listings along the Gulf Coast, up from 44 the previous week.  That's a pretty big jump for a slow month. 

When I ran the new listings search this morning, I was surprised to see such a high number pop up, but honestly, I was surprised to see that last week, which included New Year's Eve and day, had 44.  Why on earth would anyone want to leave here?  Or maybe no one wants to leave, and all of those listings are just people wanting a new house in this same area.  That makes a little more sense. 

Here along the Gulf Coast, we have everything.  Do you like water? Well, it's everywhere!  From creeks to wade and fish in, to the spectacular Gulf of Mexico and everything in between, we've got water.  Looking for somewhere warm?  We have a sub-tropical climate, with mild winters and steamy summers.  We may  have a couple of cold spells each winter when we see the thermometer drop below 32, but only a couple.  Trying to find low property taxes?  Alabama's are some of the lowest you'll find.  Friendly, welcoming people?  Look no further.  And with all of that, 154 people are trying to sell? Unbelievable. 

Assuming that at least a few of the 154 are crazy people that actually want to leave this as-close-as-you-can-get-to-paradise place, if I were you, I'd look into it.  Just saying.