Welcome Home, Blue Angels!

Spring is here, and with it's arrival comes the return of the Blue Angels to Pensacola, Florida.  After spending three months in California to hone their skills, the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron were welcomed home by hundreds of fans.  This is the 70th year for the Angels, making the group the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the world.  An estimated 11 million spectators will come out to see the six pilots flying FA/18 Hornets in more than 70 shows and 34 locations this season.  



In addition to the shows, residents along the gulf coast get a special treat:  The Angels practice here between shows.  The Naval Air Station in Pensacola is about an hour drive from Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, so lucky beach goers here get their own private show every now and then.  There's nothing like hearing a roar in the distance and then seeing them round the curve of the coast.  It's always a surprise, and it NEVER gets old.


So, welcome home, Blue Angels!  We sure have missed y'all.  To read more about the Angel's homecoming, CLICK HERE.