1/12/2016 The Guardian of the Bay - Fort Morgan, Alabama      

I have lived in Baldwin County, Alabama for my entire life.  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are sort of the stars of the county - they have the beaches, after all, and the cute little shops, and the fantastic restaurants, and, of course, the beautiful beach houses and condos. If someone mentions the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are the first things you'll hear.  Rarely, if ever, will you hear someone mention Fort Morgan.  I guess we kinda forget it's there. Today, I was reminded.

Fort Morgan is twenty-two miles from the center of Gulf Shores.  It is at the very end of the peninsula that juts out into Mobile Bay.  The fort was built on top of Fort Boyer, a small fort used during the War of 1812.  It was completed in 1834, and named after General Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War general.  It was actively manned during the War Between the States, the Spanish American War, and World War 2.  It's job was simple - guard the bay from the enemy's navy.   The fort gained notoriety on August 5, 1864, when Union Admiral David Farragut uttered the infamous words, "Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!"

We went to Fort Morgan today to take some pictures and make a promotional video.  I hadn't been there in years.  When we were in elementary school, we had Alabama history in fourth grade, so every kid in the county went to see the fort.  There were lots of tunnels to explore and stairs to climb - they used to let kids do things like that without fearing a law suit over a skinned knee.  The tour guide would lead us to one set of stairs and, in a very southern accent, tell the story of a young soldier who gave his life there. That was 40 years ago, but those stairs still look the same.

When I decided to go into real estate, I knew I'd have a lot to learn.  I didn't realize that part of what I learned would be things that I knew, but had forgotten, about the place that I call home.  I'm liking my decision more every day.  Fort Morgan, Alabama