1/22/2016 Kaos and Gerkin      

We have a great office.  Re/Max of Orange Beach is casual, upbeat and fun.  Everyone says it has "synergy", and going in to work there every day has been great.  The synergy makes it noisy there, though, so today we worked at Dana's home.  She has two Pomeranians - Kaos and Gerkin - both of whom were more than happy to help.  It was a fun day, too. 

We got started early this morning, stationed ourselves at Dana's kitchen table, and diligently went to work.  As if on cue, Gerkin and Kaos left their favorite spots on the couch and came to see what we were doing.  At first, they sat at Dana's feet, but that didn't last long.  Soon both were standing on their hind legs, begging to be picked up.  She obliged them, and I started taking pictures.  That was, pretty much, all she wrote.  We spent a good chunk of the morning doing a photo shoot. 

Don't worry.  We went back to work, and had a very productive rest of the day.  But I really enjoyed taking the pictures.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.