Rum Sisters in Gulf Shores, Alabama


Rum cake.  Never one of my favorites.  Don't get me wrong - I've never turned down a piece when offered - but I've always been a layer-cake-with-icing kinda girl.  Then I found Rum Sisters in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and my favorite's list changed dramatically.


      Rum Sisters in Gulf Shores, Al.           Rum Sisters in Gulf Shores, Alabama



Bushwacker was the first one I tried.  It's on the left.  Oh, my!  Then came Drunken Monkey, on the right.  Since then, I've worked my way through almost the entire menu.  Each one is infused with premium alcohol,  and each one is delicious. 


The owners aren't sisters, although they say they might as well be.  The story of how Rum Sisters came to be is a great one, too.  Read about them, and see the entire menu at, or give them a call at (251) 517-0444.  They have full-sized cakes, as well as mini cakes that they'll put in a sampler box for you.  The minis are probably enough for two, but I've never wanted to share mine to find out.



So, if you like rum cake, and even if you usually don't, do yourself and favor and order one.  And if you're thinking that an infused cake might only be for special occasions, this is for you.


Rum Sisters in Gulf Shores, Alabama